1931st because of the efforts of members of the Executive Board of the newly formed organization Kobukan, finished the central hall (Hombu Dojo) in Tokyo neighborhood Vakamacu-Co. Next to it in 1968. was built the new threeflour building with three dojo total area of 240 tatami, where even today is the main centre of Aikikai Foundation.
New martial art quickly gained great popularity. Open the branches of the Central Organization throughout the whole Japan in which a O Sensei Ueshiba maintained courses.
Due to the outbreak of war, this organization shall stop with all activities. A large number of students served in the army, so that work in the Hombu Dojo gradually threatened with extinction. At that time, Morihei Ueshiba decided to withdraw from Tokyo on Ibaraki farm near the town of Iwama, where he devotes himself to agriculture and the final shaping of the new skills which gives the name AIKIDO.On this farm he built a temple dedicated to aikido, and a small house in which there is still exercise a large number of students from all over the world.
Great teacher, although regular held training in Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, much part of time  spent in the Aiki shrine in the Iwama, continuously improving techniques of aikido. This was his preoccupation and the main activity until the 26th April 1969 when Morihei Ueshiba passed away.Until his last days he has not stopped with search and improve techniques and principles on which aikido is based. Therefore, to this day  aikido is studies as an open system with great possibilities of upgrading that comes after consistent and fundamental studies of exercise, what is a Great Teacher left as a legacy of not only his immediate disciples, but all mankind, in the hope that through aikido people get to know yourself , get in harmony with people around and finally become all one family.


Year 1975 founded the IAF (Inetrnational Aikido Federation) and to the present day status of full members have 42 national organizations. The head of this organization until recently was Kishomaru Ueshiba  son of Morihei Ueshiba the founder of aikido. After the passing away of his father, the January 18 1999th Aiki Dosh and chairman of the IAF is Moriteru Ueshiba, O Sensei's grandson.
The main centre of aikido organization is Aikido World Headquarters known as Hombu Dojo.


Founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba was born on 14 December 1883. in a rural family in small place call Tanabe.He was the only son of five children.From father inherited samurai determination, of a mother's interest in religion, poetry and art.In early childhood he was weak and sickly and has spent more time at home reading books.Because of the large interest in the Buddhist rituals at one time wanted to become a Buddhist priest.
Father encourages him to start with sumo wrestling and swiming.Soon reveals a tendency towards martial skills and starts to learn dju djucu and fencing.
Apply to the Russian-Japanese War, but due to low growth was not immediately conscript until 1903 when he became infantryman.Very soon gets the place of officers on the National Military Academy witch he refuses.
With 29 years old, left with his wife and family in Hokaido where he met Sokaku Takeda, master of Daito ryu aikidyicu.M.Ueshiba in him finds his teacher and devoted himself to training.Because of father serious illness, leaving Hokaido and on the way home in Ajabe met with Omoto kyo religion and teacher Deguci Onisaburo.Who will be his teacher in next few years and who will help him to start his own way.
Ueshiba founded his own martial skill, goes to Tokyo.Year1931 ends with building a great  Kobukan Dojo who will 10 years later, left to his son Kishomaru.Leave in the village Iwama, where he built a dojo that is still famous temple Aiki.1942 it`s a first  time formally use the word Aikido as a name of the new martial skills.
Sensei Morihei Ueshiba passed away on 26 April 1969 at the year 86.Every year on the 29th April in Aiki temple in Iwama held a service in memory of a Great teacher.

"The road of warrior is misunderstood as a means to kill and destroy the others.Punch, injure or destroy is the greatest sin that human being can do.Original road of warrior means prevent all that  - it is a path of peace, harmony and love."
Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)




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