In organization by the Serbian Aikido Federation during the period from 04.-05.11.2017. 
4th International Seminar took place with Shihan Christian Tissier 8 Dan Aikikai.
With about 250 participants from Serbia and surrounding countries, great atmosphere on the mats, 
Sensei as usual explained basic techniques, the relationship of tori-uke and with a lot of details 
tried to explain the functionality and meaning of the same. As well as after each seminars, 
many ideas on which in the coming period we need to continue to improve.
New acquaintances are merged and rebuilt old, and by the next year and new Sensei visits we will 
continue to improve our knowledge ...

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Year 2017.has come and therefore once again traditional aikido seminar
with our Technical Director Shihan Gordon Jones 7 Dan Aikikai.
As every year, this year we had the pleasure to have a guests, our friends from other clubs
as well as from abroad.
Since last year we introduced a novelty that in addition to Sensei, 
Vlad and I also teach a certain time of the seminar, which gives us a great honor.
Like every year, Sensei kept the basic techniques and a multitude of details that us 
older still particularly inspire. All participants were delighted, because in addition
to the new catch concluded and some beautiful friendships. 
We also got a new Shidoin Urke,and hopefully by next year that number will increase, 
with another 3 girls and one young boy.
By next year, we will continue to rehearse this year's novelty and preparing some new kids
for the new black belts ....

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15-17.04.2016. traditionally VII International Seminar was held and organized by SAO,
and led  by Shihan Gordon Jones 7 Dan,
Shidoin Vladimir Pelegrin 5 Dan and Shidoin Ljiljana Pelegrin 5 Dan Aikikai.
Each year the seminar has an increasing number of visitors, our friends from abroad 
which gives seminar a special charm.This year,friends came from England, France and Greece
and a few buddies from various Serbian dojos. Atmosfyre on and off the mat was wonderful as always.
This year the participants had the opportunity to learn from 3 different 
aikido teachers, each with its own unique style but with the same special attention that they gave
to the basic techniques and details.In the middle of the seminar grading has took place for black belts
and this was opportunity to enrich our organization with three new Shodan (AK Ronin - Petar Rusić, 
AK Gardos - Stefan Mančić and Nikola Nikolic) and one new Nidan (AK Gardos- Marko Ivanović).
At the end of seminar diplomas were handed over to Vladimir and Ljiljana Pelegrin for 5 Dan in which
they were promoted at this year's Kagamibiraki ceremony in Japan on January 10th.Very special honer
for them because they were given by Sensei Jones.
Since the weather served us fabulously we were able to enjoy in walks, morning coffees and meals along
the Danube, which always acts very soothing and inspiring.
Every year seminars are all fantastic,inspiring lessons so with impatience we wait for next year and
more phenomenal aikido and unforgettable socializing and moments.

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In April 24-26th 2015. VI International aikido seminar was held with Shihan Gordon Jones 7 Dan organized by the Serbian Aikido Organization.
This year, in addition to our Technical Director Jones, for the first time as a guest came our friend from France Shidoin Steve Magson 5 Dan
About 35 members of the organization and guests, our friends from France, England and Greece enjoyed a weekend seminar and eight-hour hard training. Through a variety of attacks and basic techniques specific note had been put on the close contact uke-tori, leakage opponent's attack and taking good ukemi.The whole seminar was imbued with laughter, humor and positive energy that all participants give to each other.
In the afternoon, friends from abroad enjoyed walking our beautiful city and dinners in the best restaurants of Belgrade and Zemun.
Every year seminars are richer and more beautiful, so we are very much looking forward to next year and new seminar .....


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